How To Add A Headlight On Warning Buzzer/Chime

Have you ever came back to your car and found out that it would not start because you had forgotten to turn off your headlights before you left? I know most new cars either have a warning chime/buzzer to alert you if you left your headlights on. Others that have running daylights also do not have to worry about this problem due to their cars turning off the headlights automatically after a delay. But what if you have an older vehicle that does not have an auto shut off or chime? If you forget….more than likely, you will have to call someone to jump your car.

I have a 2002 Highlander that unfortunately does not have an auto shut-off or a chime reminder. So, needless to say the headlights had been left on numerous times. I know I should have done this a few years back when I got the car but I just kept putting it off. Well, one day I noticed a couple of sticky reminders on the car saying, “Headlights”. This is my wife’s way of reminding herself to make sure to turn off the headlight. Well, that was enough to get me motivated on doing a mod.

Obviously, this is was done on my 2002 Toyota Highlander, but can be universally applied to almost every vehicle. It is very simple.

Things you will need:

  1. 12VDC Chime or Buzzer (got mine at Ratshack for $10.99. Item #273-071)
  2. Long Nose Pliers

Step 1.

Locate the fuse box in your car. For the 02 Highlander it was on the driver side. It is hidden behind the pull out tray/pocket located below the steering wheel on the left side. Pull that out. Should be fairly easy. It will reveal the Fuse Panel behind.  The tray will also have a sticker diagram for the fuses located on its backside.

Step 2.

Locate the fuse for the Tail Light and Rear Wiper.

Step 3. 

I would suggest working on one fuse at a time. Select which one you want to do first. For this exercise, we will pull out the Tail Light fuse first from the fuse connector panel. For the Highlander it’s a 10 AMP fuse labeled “Tail”.  Second to the bottom on the last column.

This is when your Nose Long Pliers will come in handy. Using your bare fingers could pose some difficulty. Careful not to drop it. I had lost a fuse by yanking on it hard then it slipped and was a pain locating it again.

Look at your chime/buzzer. You would need to insert the Red (+) lead into one of the blade slot of the Tail Light Fuse connector. While you are holding the wire in the connector, re-insert the fuse back to its location. This will effectively wedge the wire between the blade and the connector.

Step 4. 

Repeat the same procedure for the Rear Wiper fuse. For the Highlander its the third row, third column from the left. It is labeled “RR WIP” (15 AMP). Please note that the Ratshack chime/buzzer I chose had three wires. Thus, I combined the blue and the black wire (-) together by twisting them and inserting them into the fuse connector. It should be wedged in place after you put the fuse back to the fuse connector.

Setp 5.

Go ahead and do your test. Without the keys turn on your headlight. It should now chime, reminding you that you left your headlights on. Put your keys in the ignition and turn your headlight on. It should remain silent, like it should.

Step 6.

Mount your chime/buzzer however you want by velcro or screw. Place the tray back in place and your done.

That’s it! Simple but effective mod. A battery saver! Below, I’ve included some snapshots of the process.


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  1. Site says:

    Sometimes, the existing lighting on a vehicle is modified to create warning beacons. In the case of wig-wag lighting, this involves adding a device to alternately flash the high-beam headlights, or, in some countries, the rear fog lights. It can also involve drilling out other lights on the vehicle to add “hideaway” or “corner strobes”.

  2. Brett says:

    Tried this with a 2006 Xa Scion and it will not work. It worked on my 2008 Highlander, though.

    Question, how to make it work on a Scion XA?

  3. g hems says: fine on my old Peugeot 205. Five mins and done. Thanks.

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