Samsung Artik 10

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Published on: April 28, 2016

Do you want an alternative to Raspberry Pi? Well, Samsung has one. It’s called the Artik 10. It’s very similar to the Raspberry Pi plus more. It packs an 8 Core, 32 bit ARM CPU with a Mali T628 MP6 graphics processor¬†that can show HD video at 120 frames per second. Read more here.


My Workstation

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Published on: March 8, 2016

Someone asked me to post a pic of my workstation so here it is. It’s not much. I’ve had this setup for about 5 years now. My computer is an aging i5-2500K @ 3.6GHz. I’ve had these same three monitors for 10 years now! I need a bigger monitor! I know it’s a turtle compare to my son’s gaming rig ūüėõ

Workstation Setup

i7-6700K Gaming Rig

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Published on: March 5, 2016

I finally got the time to post this gaming machine build I did for my son last year. Prior to this, he was using a Core2¬†Quad Q6600 and an HD7700 GPU. Apparently not fast enough for the kid and his gaming needs. After buying all the components online, it didn’t take me that long to put together. Now he has no more complaints of low FPS. I also went with components that are Red to go with his Red Gaming Keyboard and Mouse. Here’s the specs for those who are interested:

  • Intel i7-6700K CPU Unlock
  • MSI Z170A Gaming M7
  • MSI R9 390X Gaming 8G
  • Corsair 16GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000MHz
  • Samsung 250GB¬†SSD 850 EVO
  • WD¬†Black¬†2TB 64MB SATA HDD
  • Noctua NH-U12S CPU Fan
  • Seasonic 750W Snow Silent PSU
  • NZXT H440 Case

UPDATE: Just added pic of gaming mouse and keyboard and Racing Wheel and Pedals setup with Stand.

Analog Mechanical Keyboard

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Published on: February 27, 2016

For all keyboard gamers out there, check this out. This keyboard allows you to have precise control of your games movement. I have a feeling this will be a new trend into gaming keyboards.

IBM Aptiva Upgrade from 486 to i7-6700K

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Published on: February 26, 2016

Check out this guy’s computer upgrade. This is not your typical update. He updated/upgraded an old 486 machine into a i7-6700K beast.¬† Wow, I remember my old trusty 486DX! He also did a cool trick with the floppy drive mod. Can you believe his floppy drive can store in GB? Not a typo. Check out the video below and the images here.¬† His build almost resembles the newly built gaming machine I did for my son late last year.

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